Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Bad Luck

Thanks to work, various external projects, my personal exercise plan and a long running technical issue I still have not been in game recently (except to swap out skills). Luckily, I think the computer issue is solved, so I should be back and running soon.

Also, I haven't played FPSes since the first Half-Life, so Fallout is much more difficult than I expected.

See you all in game soon.


Sard Caid said...

I've been gaming Eve enough, however been slacking with making posts on the blag. Between a missing muse and consistent distractions, it's been difficult to update as I'd like. Hopefully I'll be able to iron out at least a post every two to three days or so.

I'm a veteran FPS gamer, so Fallout 3 is right down my alley. Reading up the backstory from fansites has me itching to play the previous two games! Rich story here.

Derken said...

The previous two were awesome. I remember when they came out.

Unfortunately, I chew through most RPG's and tactics games pretty quick.

I wish Van Buren (the original Fallout 3) came out before Black Isle went belly-up (still glad to see Fallout not vaporware though).