Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad Day

--Start Log--
Well, today was horrible. I lost my frig by being overconfident against some 'rats. Luckily my cruiser fixed the problem and I was able to recover a small bit of my outfits and pride.

But that quickly changed. I took my industrial out to go fetch a new frig when I stumbled into a pirate gate camp...

The cargo was empty but my pride has just gone over the deep end.

- Don't keep industrials in Lowsec or Nosec.
- Don't overestimate the power of your ship.
- Don't tempt fate when given the option, especially if the day was going bad in the first place.

Today was a bad day.
--End Log--

Note: After deciding today was not the day to play Eve for me I went over to play Rock Band 2 and accidentally broke my foot pedal. I will now end this post and move away from my computer before it explodes. -Derken


Jaggins said...

Sorry you got ganked! Stories like this have me afraid to even enter low sec, as I can't afford to lose my ships!

Sard Caid said...

Heh, sucks when all seems against you.

"Don't keep industrials in Lowsec or Nosec." -Always use a scout for vulnerable cargo through these regions of space.
"Don't tempt fate when given the option, especially if the day was going bad in the first place." -If you're not having fun with a video game, you're doing something wrong. Stepping away when things become a hassle is definitely a good option.

Derken said...

@Jaggins - Care, planning and attention keeps you alive in lowsec. I was upset and careless.

@Sard - Well the loss of the industrial wasn't bad as it was empty. Also, I did step away... then I ganked my own Rock Band drums on accident... It was just a bad day.

Luckily, I now have replacements.