Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in NulSec

MVS Kiushu II
System Log

--Start Log--
The Frigate groaned as the breaking jets ignited. The warp bubble around the incursus began to destabilize. As the rumbling died down, the pod pilot began to scan the surroundings.

"More rubbish." The pilot shifted the ship in the direction of the wreaked shuttle.

"Seriously, can someone come here in something I can make use of?" the beeping of the salvage unit coming online reverberated through the gel-filled pod. "Maybe I can get a Tanaris? or even a Thorax once in awhile?"

Jinarre's one of the new recruits for the corporation that owned this space. As a new recruit, she was tasked with the less than savory jobs. Keep the space lines free of debris and lock down trespassers for the larger defense fleet.

The salvage unit displayed data for Jinarre to parse through. After glancing at the data she marked one line and disabled the unit.

"Structure metal. Figures... Shuttles are so fragile. Nothing ever survives."

Jinarre steered the frigate around shattering the right arm and pushing the frozen corpse of the unfortunate shuttle pilot into a slow spin.

Suddenly, the targeting alarm activated. "What the.." A battleship's warp bubble had just collapsed behind the incursus. The first volley of the garista battleship overloaded the shield's power coils immediately.

Jinarre began working fast. The armor nanites and micro warp drive activated spinning the frigate inline with the approaching battleship.

"Hell..." She began the ships calculations for warp and began firing rounds into the battleship's shields. The battleship was still trying to reposition as it fired a second time. The glancing blow tore chunks of armor clean from the hull. Just as the battleship marked for it's third volley the computer lit green for warp and began increasing speed.

"Ha! I'm outta here!" The incursus' drives began building the warp matrix as the third volley fired from the battleship.

The impact tore further shreds from the frigate as the warp bubble formed, the incursus began to spin forward at warp velocity. The spinning created heavy gyro forces pulling Jinarre from the center of the pod to one side and pinned her there as the ship traveled past a moon. The gravitational pull pulled the unstable warp bubble's path as Jinarre's world darkened...

* * *

The computer alarming startled Jinarre as she finally came to. The warp bubble had collapsed allowing the frigate to naturally correct itself from it's uncontrolled spinning. The monitor showed the outer hull of the incursus burning hot as scenery from the approaching planet came into view.

Jinarre began working frantically to steer the frigate to a soft landing sight and braced in her pod for the inevitable impact to come.

* * *

Jinarre awoke to static. The less than gentle landing had disconnected her from the ship's control systems and left her floating free in the command pod. Nominally the pod and command connections were intact, but the condition of the frigate itself was questionable.

Hoping for the best, she moved over to the pod's escape hatch. Pressing the release, began the extraction process. The gel in the pod drained leaving Jinarre in a gel-covered mess. The hatch opened to the main gangway inside the ship.

Jinarre moved quickly to the nearest console and began reading the entries.

"Ok, the damage control system put the fires out and most of the structure is intact. The planet is nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere, so I can look outside... well, I hope the locals are nice."

Jinarre grabbed the portable NavCom unit from the console and worked her way along the gangway.

"After a shower and change, I guess I'll have to put you back together." Jinarre patted the rails as she walked into the locker room.
--End Log--

I don't know if I'll be on in the next couple of weeks except to take care of little stuff for the blog and swapping training, but have a great Christmas and New Year everybody. -Derken (slacking off at work on Christmas Eve)

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