Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the Twelth Day of Christmas My Corpmates Gave to Me...

Twelve carebears crying,
Eleven salvaged scraps,
Ten nulsec sweepings,
Nine Shuttles running,
Eight campers camping,
Seven blasters blasting,
Six frigates popping,
Five rounds of void,
Four megathrons,
Three autocannons,
Two podded miners,
and a hammerhead orbiting Jita 3.

Happy Holidays everybody.


Ga'len said...


This is epic my friend!!!

Ga'len said...

LOL Just read it again, singing aloud and I got the visual of Animal from The Muppet Show when they did their Christmas special so many years ago....Five...Rounds of Void....BADA!!Bum!!Bum!!!