Monday, December 29, 2008

Projects, I have a few

I have been so busy with holiday stuff and work that I still can't really play EvE. The time isn't there and I have new toys from Christmas I need to use or else my wife will kill me ;P.

So, after working on Smackdown vs Raw 2009, Fallout 3 and I can get a break from work I'll be back.

Since I don't have any real informative posts planned this Monday I'll tell everyone what I have been doing lately. To pass the time at work, I have been working on two projects:

- My Training plan. I'm moving back to focusing on core skills to improve my overall combat piloting. I lost track of my goals in pushing toward Interceptors which, although fun, needs to be below the priority of my common core skills. Luckily, I'll have some time off soon, so I can get those "babysitting levels" that I've been putting off up to reasonable numbers.

- EvEosphere. After really looking at the amount of information that we, the EvE Bloggers, have published, I figure we have probably the most comprehensive EvE Guides collectively. As such, I think that if we merged our collective information in one central location we can become a one-stop for every guide that CCP should have made, but never did. I also foresee this making CrazyKinux's job a little easier as the self-proclaimed EvE Blog manager ;P

Also, from looking at the EvE Blog community I learned something very interesting. The most informative demographic is the most cutthroat. Pirates have more blogs than any other demographic. Which is kind of odd since they are the ones who profit the least from knowledgeable EvE players. Any ideas why that is?


Sard Caid said...

@ Fallout 3: It's extremely satisfying so far. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

@ Inty training: You might want to consider training for an Interdictor as well. The skill reqs are what any tackler should have trained anyway, and when finished lends you a great ship class for nullsec operations.

@ Eveosphere: if it's simple, I wouldn't mind linking or converting blog posts to guides.

@ Pirates: I'm not so much a pirate as a rabid opportunist. That said, I seek fights rather than ganks. If it were up to me, space would be full of players who were looking for PvP, and were adept at it. I play this game for a good brawl, and teaching others is a way to promote pilots giving me a great fight.

We type GF into local for a reason, you know. =)

Derken said...

Fallout 3 is high on my list of "things to do after I get my time off"

Interdictor, eh? I'll look into it.

It's really not that hard. You can copy and paste the bulk of it and tailor/relink from there. Wiki coding is pretty much like bb-coding.

So you're a duelist? You prefer even terms? Because that is not how piracy works.

Sard Caid said...

Yes, I prefer even terms. Yes, I often will 1v1 targets if it means a good fight. However, I will exploit whatever opportunities I happen upon, and I don't frown upon utilizing one's resources to gank the shit out of people. It's how this game plays.

Most people would refer to me as a pirate. However, I will confess I appear a poor pirate if I sat down and told you my goals when PvPing. A more accurate description would be that I am a predator.

Derken said...

That makes more sense. Predator suits the description better.

I'd tell you my "What a Pirate should be" rant, but in the end it would make pirates something I would fear and don't want to deal with. Let's just say negative rep makes an outlaw, not a pirate.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Fallout 3 - great game, which I need to pay more attention to myself!

Concerning Evosphere - Fantastic idea, great to see you implementing this! I look forward to more developments on this front and offer my assistance, should you require it!

Kirith Kodachi said...

Pirates - or PvP opportunists if you will - form a larger part of the Eve blogging community due to their exploits (read: adventures) being more exciting that those that post about labs, factories, and the such. :)