Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Resources Listing

Here is a list of exceptional resources for both new and experienced pod-pilots alike

EveMon - Eve Monitor Program (Windows Program) keeps an offline monitoring of your characters Skill progress. An excellent resource with a built in skill planner and many other great features.

EFT - Eve Fitting Tool Program (Windows Program) allows you to loadout various ships prior to spending hard earned ISK on useless items.

The Eve Blog Pack - The Eve Blog Pack (Web Blogs) is (again) an excellent source to learn from experienced pilots and should be recommended reading for all pilots.

BattleClinic - BattleClinic (website) is another very useful site. One of the features I like is their online-loadout tool that can be critiqued by other pilots. Also includes plenty of guides for the less than knowledgeable.

EveWiki - Eve Wiki (Wiki Website) has every thing you need to know about mostly anything in the game. It has been mentioned that the site is generally biased toward Band of Brothers alliance, but honestly it's very informative.

GoonWiki - Goonfleet Wiki (Wiki website) is obviously biased to Goonfleet, but again the open segments have excellent information. Regardless of your opinion of them they give some smart advice.

Eve Tribune - Eve Tribune (Website) has a lot of current going on in New Eden and has good articles on what's new in-game. This has also been accused of bias, but information is information.

Updated Resources:

Eve Agents - Eve Agents (Website) finds agents for you using various useful filters like level, corperation and minimum influence.

NewCharSkills - New Character skill chart (Excel/Adobe) shows all standing possible starting skill sets for any new character type.

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