Saturday, December 27, 2008

I seem to have gone too far lately.

Looking at my posting habits over the course of the last month, I have decided...

I post WAY too much.

In fact, I seem to be posting so much that I don't think you, the readers, can keep up with all that I have to say.

I guess since I'm new I want to post everything at once, and I can't nor should I.

I usually have informative posts actually premade way in advance (in fact, I made this post Christmas Eve, but because of all my recent posts and queued posts I queued this one for the 27th... lol) and my in game posts are on the fly depending on in game events.

So, I'm only doing one informative post a week on Mondays and I'll keep posting in game events ad hoc every time something interesting happens (except mondays).

So, I'll tone down my quantity of posts, if you guys read it. Deal?

Next informative topic: MMOGconomics
Starting Date: Jan 05, 2009


X1376 said...

Heh. I do not feel you post way too much. I like your posting speed as it means I have something to crunch through. It evolves anyway quite naturaly, one month you post more, one you post less, one not at all, then inspiraton comes. I would not bother yourself with that question at all, just blog when you feel you have something to say, I am sure we, followers, will appreciate it. Hint: We follow your blog to read your posts, not your silence.

CrazyKinux said...

As long as it's interesting and informative keep posting!!

WTM said...

Post as much as you can, and/or want to. Never less, and never more!

Ga'len said...

When I first started my blog, I used to post multiple times a day, then once a day, then once a week.

What I have found is making up a schedule as you have and then sticking to it. I come up with things that Ii want to discuss on my blog and keep the schedule.

You will find that in game events will lead to additional posts, but keeping to a schedule will help to populate your blog with many interesting posts.

BTW, I really loved the 12 days of Christmas posts you did, gave me a good chuckle.

Derken said...

Alright. I'll make sure I post regularly, and I start to have a lot to say I'll adjust my schedule accordingly.