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Beginning Professions Part 2: Non-Combat

Here's a link to all the professions in Eve today.

Non-combat professions are either used to supplement income for combat pilots or individuals solely work on this equipment for large monetary gains. In this post we will discuss starting non-combat professions.

Non-Combat Related Professions

Ever seen the rings of an asteroid and seen ISK slowly umbering through space? Or seen the wonders of profit rising while reprocessing ore? Then you may be the next New Eden Miner. Miners toil endlessly looking for rare ores to process valuable raw materials. Materials that are the backbones to construction to Eve ships, weapons, modules and fuel. Miners get huge rewards from mining various sectors of space.
Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner
Related to: Mining
Key skills: Mining
Related professions: Manufacturer, Hauler
Even the starter frigate is a metal object about the size of the Eiffel Tower, and thousands of these ships get destroyed every single day. All these metals come from somewhere, and the miner is responsible for the majority of all raw minerals sold onto the market.
Mining ranges from solo frigate mining in 1.0 asteroid belts, through organized gang strip mining of whole belts, with dedicated mining cruisers, haulage and security cover, right up to deep 0.0 Alliance-run expeditions for rare minerals, along with associated blockade running to bring them to market.

Everyone needs something, and items don't move themselves in magical bank teleportation networks (like some MMO's). This means someone has to do it, and someone is willing to pay someone else to do it for them. In ancient earth, these bastions of the roads, move goods all over the planet. Now with spaceships, this necessary service moved to the stars as well.
Level: Beginner
Related to: Courier missions, Mining, Trade
Key skills: Spaceship Command, Navigation
Related professions: Miner, Trader
Transport trade goods or other items of interest (modules, minerals, etc.) from one section of the galaxy to another in search of profit.
A bulk courier is known as a hauler. Though a character can specialize in piloting Industrial Ships, you will likely want basic hauling skills at some point in your career. For more information, see the basic section of the Hauling Guide.
Note that some couriers specialize in transporting small expensive items; those will often employ frigates or interceptors instead of industrials.

The time honored tradition of middleman economics is alive and well. Unlike transporters, traders buy items in locations where they're made and move them to where they're more needed, then selling them at a huge profit margin. Traders use guile to get the best deals and the most discounts and trading them to those who can't get to them for big payoffs.
Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner, but intermediary highly recommended.
Related to: Trading, Economy of EVE
Key skills: Trade
Related professions: Investor, Courier
The EVE regional markets are an incredibly complex affair, and an excellent source of income for those who can work them well. Thousands of worlds, all with supplies and demands, and all relying on the Capsule pilot to join the dots...for a price of course...
Trading takes three main markets in EVE; the NPC Trade Goods Market, where margins are smaller, but more dependable, the Player Equipment Market where competition is firece, but ignorance can be capitalized on, and the Contract (former Escrow) Market, where pretty much anything can and will go. At it's simplest, trading is just buying something cheaply at one station, and taking to a place where they're paying more, but soon develops into a complex game of longterm planning, three month buy orders and logistical organization.
Scavenger - Many people see wreaked ships as space debris, useless. Scavengers see easy profits. Slightly damaged parts and bits can be refurbished and installed to modify existing ships. These items are in high demand and many combat pilots use this to get a little extra out of their 'ratting and missions.

The architect of New Eden. These are the individuals that every pod pilot must pay homage to as these are the laborers that build what pod-pilots fly.
Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Related to: Manufacturing, Science And Industry
Key skills: Industry, Science
Related professions: Scientist, Investor
With the galaxy such a turbulent place, and more and more new pilots entering the Capsuleer community, the demand for space-based manufactured items is ever increasing, from a single scout drone, up to the largest Titans and Outposts, manufacturing is everywhere.
Day to day manufacturing of smaller objects, ammunition, ship modules and smaller ships, largely takes place in starbase factory slots, on short-term lease arrangements. Capital and permanent structures on the other hand tend to be constructed in space, using the facilities provided by POS Towers. Manufacturers work with both these methods, and are often also responsible for the underlying supply chain of raw materials too, and the distribution of finished product.
Many combat pilots with no primary interest in large-scale manufacturing still learn the basics of the process, to allow a degree of self-sufficiency in small-scale ammunition resupply from reprocessed loot, or to channel reprocessed junk-loot into one-run BPC 'hobby project' Battleships for resale.

Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate.
Related to: Research Agents, Science and Industry
Key skills: Science
Related professions: Manufacturer
The technologies involved in designing, building and operating starships are bewildering to say the least. But even the most complex and advanced capital ship began life as a sketch on someone's drawing board, and such designs are rarely perfect on their first version.
There are two types of scientists. Some work with inventions, creating new blueprints; others refine existing Blueprints to increase the time and mineral efficiency of the existing design. They also make blueprint copies, allowing others to manufacture limited runs of the original product.

Salvaging is the extraction of salvage materials from ship wrecks which are then used in the construction of valuable ship rigs.
Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner
Related to: Mining
Key skills: Salvaging, Jury Rigging
Related professions: Manufacturer, Hauler

Revelations introduced what would be considered two sub professions. Though not actually requiring the mining skill as a pre-requisite, their usage and methodology clearly define them as a branch of the mining profession. This profession tends to work out best with combat professions as it requires wreaked ships to process.

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