Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends and Pirates

--Start Log--
Well today was eventful. After a long chat regarding my hardware, or lack thereof I was given ISK to replace my aging low-end cyber. The "commander" is a stand up guy and I'll fly for him any day. With his generous donation, which I intend to re-pay in full, and my personal work I've managed to pull in quite the haul today. Salvage is defenately quite a money-maker.

So with my new wonderful cyber, I will have hopefully cut some time down in getting into my intercepter.

Also today I met a man I've read alot about recently. He seems like a class act, but his warrents speak otherwise. I'd love to meet him one day, but I'd rather it be on my terms. Pirates may be charming but they grin daggers.
--End Log--

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Black Claw said...

/me sharpens his grin.