Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Learning Skills Part 3: New Player Skill Plan

Skills represent what you can and cannot do and how well you are at doing them. As such your skills will dictate your learning progress speed for professions.

Info on Attributes and Skills

Today I will talk about skill Planning for new players.

When a player begins the game there are certain skills that are necessary for all pilots to learn to succeed and become better. Regardless of your intended career or ship these skills will assist you in your goals.

Learning (category)
All the skills in the learning category increase your learning speed. As such any of these skills are inevitably useful. Upgrading this early, eventually helps your learning speed more than working on it later.

Increases your CPU performance allowing better modules to be added to your ship.

Increases the number of targets you can simultaneously lock on to.

Increases your powergrid performance allowing better modules to be added to your ship.

Energy Management
Increases your capacitor power increasing your ship's effectiveness.

Energy Systems Operation
Increases your capacitor recharge rate increasing your ship's effectiveness.

Increases your structure hit points increasing your ship's survivability.

Increases your velocity increasing your ship's maneuverability.

Increases your afterburner charge increasing your ship's maneuverability and speed. Also effectively decreases your capacitor usage by afterburners.

Warp Drive Operations
Decreases your capacitor usage by warp.

Spaceship Command
Increases your agility increasing your ship's maneuverability. Also a requirement for various ship types.

Here's a good outline resource for skills.


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